Scholarship Basics


Getting scholarships is EASY! Well, that's what the sites all say...

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~ No Work Scholarship! YEAH!

The fact is, getting scholarships takes work. Lots of consistent work! The benefits, however, are amazing.

Scholarship Basics provides you the tools necessary to understand the scholarship process! And yes, it is a process.


Scholarship Search

Recommended For Students AND Parents

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STUDENTS: You Will Learn...

  • How to create a "scholarship time".

  • How to identify different types of scholarships.

  • How to begin and organize searches.

  • Where to look for and how to find scholarships.

  • Focus on individual searches.

  • How to avoid scams and fraudulent scholarships.

  • How to set and manage goals.

  • How to manage your search time.

  • How to set up reminders.

  • How to measure your progress.

  • What to look for in an appropriate email to a potential reference.

  • How to apply for and get scholarships and NOT be overwhelmed!

PARENTS: You Will Learn...

  • How to create a "scholarship time"

  • How to identify different types of scholarships.

  • How to begin and organize searches.

  • How to locate/share your findings with your child.

  • Where to look for and how to find scholarships.

  • Focus on individual searches.

  • How to avoid scams and fraudulent scholarships.

  • How to set and manage goals.

  • How to manage their search time.

  • How to set up reminders.

  • How to keep tabs on their progress.

  • What to look for in an appropriate email to a potential reference.

  • How to help them apply for and get scholarships and NOT be overwhelmed!

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  • How to be likable and "real."

  • How to get the most out of 250 words or less.

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"Just to reiterate what I said last night – you put on an amazing workshop! My daughter and I were thrilled to be part of it and you made it so much fun."

"The fact that it was hands on, step-by-step, came with tech support :), was relevant, and useful. First seminar I have come across where I got more out of it then I was expecting, let alone what I had hoped for."

"Thanks so much for the session last night. It is definitely a journey, and definitely not for the elephant-eating type! When I described some of the scholarship process to my daughter last night, she described it as sounding like “super-couponing, on steroids”!"

"Thank you for the information you provided at the scholarship seminar. My son and I plan to "go at it" and get some scholarships. I will have him let you know his progress! Many, many thanks to you for the inspiration you provide!"

"I loved the dramatic and high energy demonstration."

"I liked sharing with my son, you showed us we need to work together."

What was your favorite part of the course?

160+ Reasons to take these courses!

  1. Very informative

  2. Making the spreadsheet

  3. The websites included for finding scholarships

  4. Learning how to make a website.

  5. I love the dramatic and high-energy demonstration.

  6. Ms. Likes!

  7. I liked making the whole website

  8. Learning about the websites/making our own etc.

  9. Kelley

  10. Liked sharing with my son, showed us we need to work together

  11. Learning to put together the Google site.

  12. Your energy and personality. Thank you for your time and positive reinforcement for technically challenged people like me. I will certainly encourage my kids to come and receive this seminar.

  13. Know where to look for scholarships and how to apply for them.

  14. Making Google thing

  15. Mrs. Likes!!!! You are the best part

  16. Energy

  17. Being exposed to the different scholarship websites & creating the spreadsheet

  18. Great job! Loved it!! Thank you very much!! AWESOME!!

  19. Creating our own website and spreadsheet in order to help organize the scholarship search process.

  20. When you showed us the websites

  21. The scholarship websites

  22. We are working on the computers.

  23. I liked the naming part of the site

  24. Specifically how to find and research more about the scholarships.

  25. The essay and the organization of the information.

  26. Sharing the time with my daughter so she understands the process

  27. My favorite of the seminar was learning the schedule to hunt for scholarships, and I enjoyed setting up my calendar.

  28. Looking at the scholarship websites

  29. Learning about all the scholarships I could earn and how I could earn it in such a short period of time.

  30. Hearing specific examples of scholarships (i.e. the great diversity detailed)

  31. I liked how I now have all these resources in one place.

  32. Learning how to create a calendar.

  33. Thank you for including the print-out. It will be helpful for this and anything else I might have to do with with Google applications.

  34. Very informative, great structure and level of information.

  35. Making my calendar and learning about how easy and fun it is to get scholarships!

  36. The stories in the beginning were really funny.

  37. Creating the site

  38. Learning about how many scholarships.

  39. Creating the site

  40. Hands on, all the notes and examples

  41. The liveliness

  42. Your energy

  43. Enjoyed the creation of site because it is universally useful.

  44. The fact that it was hands on, step-by-step, came with tech support :), was relevant, and useful. First seminar I have come across where I got more out of it then I was expecting, let alone what I had hoped for.

  45. I enjoyed being able to get organized by using the calendar and spreadsheets.

  46. Her depth of knowledge and making the presentation fun

  47. Learning how to set up my own website as well as learning how to write an essay

  48. The essay portion was very helpful. This should be given to every grade.

  49. I was impressed that Ms. Likes walked around the room to help anyone that required help. She is perfect for this seminar. Very lively and approachable. I highly recommend that all Junior Parents sign - up to take this seminar.

  50. Many thanks!

  51. I really liked the handout to follow along -- I am not technical and Mrs. Likes made it really easy to understand. I also appreciate her details about how to write an essay.

  52. Very informative. I appreciate the high energy and enthusiasm. It was very motivating and encouraging and we are ready to get started with the search.

  53. Specific information regarding essay-writing.

  54. Essay help

  55. Learning how to set up google site

  56. Learning how to work google calendars

  57. I didn't know all these scholarships are available. I will definitely be looking to get some free money!

  58. Very detailed. Held my hand on the technical info!

  59. The organization

  60. Learning about sharing the info via google sites.

  61. Explanation of how easy it is to write and submit an essay and the part about the self-made business.

  62. Info on essay tips/website to start search instead of googling on my own

  63. Personal, relevant information that made me think "Hey, I can do that, too!"

  64. Creating the website

  65. Hands on tutorial

  66. Kelley's enthusiasm

  67. Hearing the personal details. Information about essays.

  68. I'm a quick bunny and would typically want the information in 15 minutes or less. You made me wait which was to my benefit.

  69. All of it !

  70. You are Awesome ! Awesome ! Awesome !!!

  71. Thank You !

  72. Excellent presentation. Must find the time to help find the MONEY.

  73. Learning about google, wish I had more time to work on the calendar

  74. Your ENERGY... Wow, your really kept me engaged and interested. I listen to and deliver tons of presentations, and your terrific!!! Great use of time. Informative, fun and entertaining.

  75. I loved how you kept it fun, personable, and interested while keeping it EXTREMELY helpful.

  76. The enthusiasm, real life examples of success and your ability to help a room full of people stay on the same page through the steps.

  77. Great examples given. Very entertaining

  78. The knowledge you gave us.

  79. The use of real-life examples, and humor.

  80. I liked when we got to plan out our essays.

  81. Personality

  82. I loved the seminar! I found it extremely helpful and it really motivates me to try my hardest for scholarships. The list of websites was also great. Thanks so much Mrs. Likes!

  83. 3 things: 1. Your enthusiasm; 2. Your passion for this topic; and 3. The practical possibilities are game-changing

  84. Very thorough. Couldn't doze off because of the energy!

  85. Learning that it's the small scholarships one should go after.

  86. Your personal essay description was fantastic and quite helpful in helping me understand what they are looking for in a scholarship candidate. Thank you so much for offering this class. We will be contacting you regarding some private assistance with our daughters' applications :).

  87. The best part of the seminar is the excitement and energy of Ms. Likes and the presentation of new knowledge to me.

  88. How to write the essay. Very important and interesting.

  89. Practical explanation of what had been a mystery to me

  90. Overall organization, sharing of experiences.

  91. Essay

  92. Kelley's storytelling made it relevant. Loved your enthusiasm. Enjoyed learning a simple and impactful way to write an essay. Loved the tips (pick a tv show and "play your card" (and don't feel bad about it).

  93. Learning how to write the essays. It is such an art and hopefully (with your help) Tali can write great scholarships essays.

  94. Breakdown of essay structure

  95. High energy, personal examples

  96. You sharing your essay about your grandmother. Examples speak volumes

  97. Gave me hope because there is an easier way to organize the process, take smaller steps, and feel that the effort will pay off.

  98. The best part of the seminar was learning the potential of how much money could be earned out there. Hearing that your daughter, a former 'B' student at Marist, earned $176K in scholarship money was very impressive and extremely motivating

  99. You're funny

  100. Help with essay writing.

  101. Navigating the website and learning about how to find scholarships

  102. Essay writings

  103. You made me feel comfortable with what originally seemed to be an overwhelming task. I'm not scared anymore ... I can do this!

  104. You were very funny!

  105. The essay writing lesson.

  106. How to write an excellent essay.

  107. How relatable she made everything. Instead of just saying to do something, she really walked through the process of how to do it right.

  108. The essay form.

  109. Personal stories

  110. The family skills and processes that were discussed.

  111. Advice on managing the process.

  112. The overall plan of how to approach applying for scholarships.

  113. Specific ideas--go for small scholarships, set up time with your child to look if he or she will go for it, professional email address

  114. Substantive info would have liked maybe insight into specific websites. Essay info was good.

  115. Interesting stories. Also noted improvement since I took financial management - you have a website designed for users.

  116. Learning about how to write the essay

  117. Seeing the lists of all the possible scholarships and utilizing the resources.

  118. I like the essay part. Makes it seem a lot more manageable for a lazy student like me.

  119. Humor!

  120. Essay suggestions and organizational tips

  121. Information imparted in a easy and light way

  122. Realizing millions of dollars is available in scholarships

  123. Learning how many scholarships are available

  124. Learning what exactly to write in the essay

  125. Mrs. Likes is funny and approachable; she personalizes the presentation material to show that anyone can find a scholarship, and then she tells us exactly how to do it.

  126. The breakdown of the process and the 'whys' behind the method.

  127. The essay writing process is valuable for everyone looking for a job, scholarship, marketing etc. Applicable in several arenas.

  128. Awareness of overall scholarship opportunities. Knowledge of the process! Story telling helped connect dry material.

  129. Essay recommendations

  130. The examples were fantastic, detailed, and personal. It gave me a good gauge on what exactly scholarship readers are looking for.

  131. Learning how to write the best essays

  132. This tool is brilliant

  133. Learning that it is essential to go after small scholarships instead of chasing the almost impossible big scholarships.

  134. Suggestions, awesome website to keep & store information, websites to explore for scholarship money. Exciting journey to find more $$ for college very helpful!!!

  135. Learn scholarships are out there for everyone

  136. WOW. This seminar FAR exceeded my expectations. Kelley Likes is a fantastic, energetic presenter, full of terrific stories and examples that make the content come alive. I loved all of it. My favorite was the essay worksheet. Did you know...

  137. Concrete examples of personal life tie-ins to support answering the

  138. Scholarship's "tell me about.."

  139. Searching for scholarships and learning how to do that.

  140. Finding the opportunities that I had no clue about

  141. Learning how to write the essays

  142. Essay tutorial, how to find scholarships.

  143. I liked that you have real world examples of where this scholarship search actually works.

  144. Talking about making the essay personable--honest and real, we seem to forget to be who we are.

  145. Your enthusiasm is contagious, you do a great job.

  146. Learning how you can go to all the different Google pages to find the best scholarships.

  147. Help with essays

  148. Good information on looking for scholarships, in out of the way places.

  149. How I learned that there are so many scholarships that I can get.

  150. Learning how to write a fast essay

  151. Stepping us through the essay;

  152. Sharing your website with us this will be great!

  153. The focus on the essay writing. This is a great way to start our search for scholarships. Great tips.

  154. Really learned a lot about how to start the search and the different types of places to look.

  155. How to actually find the scholarships.

  156. The scholarship search part. Very interesting

  157. The tip on Google searching for essays.

  158. I enjoyed the explanation of the Essay processing system, and the search system for looking for scholarship when using Google.

  159. The essay part and hearing examples were very empowering.

  160. Points on how to search for scholarships on Google, honesty on use of scholarship websites

  161. Learning about google searches

  162. Learning how easy it is, and the practice easy. Website is pretty sick too.

  163. Interactive

  164. I really enjoyed the ability to learn how to search for the scholarships because I had no clue how to any of this beforehand.

  165. Great stories around how best to search - the PDF story is fascinating!

  166. Essay development

  167. Clear process

  168. The great resource you created.